Oregon, USA. Fog shrouds the Heceta Head lighthouse on Oregon's rugged coast.

I’ve been quiet the past week – after heading up to the Oregon coast with Jed and the dawg, we encountered flat light, marine layers just at sunset, and overall the light didn’t inspire us for a lot of the things we like to photograph. So while we waited for the light to be right, we enjoyed camping out – something I haven’t done in a while with my two ‘buds.’ Runs on the beach, ball tossing, cook outs, and sleeping like puppies in a pile the tent together has been fun and much needed R&R for me! But finally, finally, we got some interesting light today- a rainy day with fog rolling in and out around Heceta Head lighthouse. It was sweet. The composition is challenging from the overlook- it’s not like it’s never been photographed before! But the fog helps make the picture more personal, a moment in time different from others out there. I felt it made a better panorama composition, too. The way the hills and ocean space balance out, proportionately, it just doesn’t fit the 35mm format very well.

We’re still hoping for more soft light tomorrow so we can go into the forests along the coast.  I’ll be in touch!

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