We just arrived back home from our photo tour in Glacier Bay. It was an amazing trip with a great mix of weather, and wildlife. Whales, Orcas, grizzly bears on whale carcasses, puffins, kittiwakes, glaciers, icebergs, and more. The group was terrific – enthusiastic and talented – thanks to all of you who joined us!

I had a lens problem that limited me to a fixed 300mm or a 24-105mm as my ‘longer’ lenses. Yikes, that was a challenge! The range of 100-300 is a much-used range on the boat trips. My 100-400mm was not performing properly so it got retired quickly. But I managed and built up a few arm muscles handling the 300mm 2.8 that I borrowed from Canon. I had sold my 500mm f4.5 and planned to buy a new long lens but hadn’t decided on the focal length so it was great to try the 300mm f2.8. It’s an amazing lens!!!

This image was made using that lens. It’s  a mother Orca and frolicking young calf, in beautiful glacial water. It takes a lot of images to get just the right one. I had borrowed the Canon EOS Mark IV as well and the rapid frames per second enabled me to capture the moments as they were unpredictable with whales and Orcas!

I’ll have a lot more to process and post here over the next week, with stories.

Other News:

This trip to Alaska made me think about Iceland – being in beautiful, dramatic scenery with ice, icebergs, waterfalls, and more. I can’t wait to go in August for the photography workshop. You really don’t want to miss this one, do you? I know I don’t and I hope you’ll join me there.

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