Finally had a moment to assemble the series of this wharf scene using Photomatix software. I loved the colors and the sky that morning, while it never got the color we wanted, was still the type that I knew I could bring out with this application. But I still wanted a real look, and just used the HDR process to bring out all the tonalites in this scene that were really there. The light came from behind and to the right of me, and the building was getting a nice glow even without the color I thought would happen. But with such a red color already there, it didn’t need more warmth, really!

Don’t forget about ICELAND August 22-28, 2010. There is still room and I’d sure love to have you join me on this adventure workshop. It’s a chance to hang out with enthusiastic outdoor photographers and capture the spirit of Iceland in your viewfinder with me by your side.

Check out my schedule for 2011 – I’ll begin taking reservations for all domestic mentor series tours beginning July 10th.

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