I know it’s been a while since you last heard from me! We haven’t had access to the internet when we got into the countryside of Tuscany for a few days and we’ve been busy leading this tour. Very early mornings, late nights, not much personal time.

We’ve had every sort of weather issue you could imagine this year – rain, more rain, fog, clouds, sun, thunderstorms. All of it has challenged us and we have made some great pictures because of it! It’s been much more interesting than simple blue skies, for certain.

The picture above is from yesterday morning in Montalcino, overlooking the valley to the east. Fog makes everything so beautiful here when the trees poke up through it. We went for morning light on the village, and we got the bonus of morning backlit fog! The other scene was the same village, after we were engulfed in the the fog and a thunderstorm hit a short time later! It was a very interesting morning…The wet streets added a glow that told the story, and since the color was mostly muted in this scene below, I converted it to a desaturated, semi-sepia effect.

More will come soon, for now, ciao ciao!

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