“The world is a book and those that do not travel read only the first page.” St. Augustine

Why do we travel? Someone recently made a comment on my facebook page about ‘the good ole USA’ and that got me thinking about why I want to leave the USA to see places. Our country is amazing, there’s no doubt, but you can’t really experience sleeping in a nomadic tent in the dunes with camels snorting outside your blanket walls, anywhere in the USA, or marvel at the intricate architecture of a Bhutanese temple anywhere else but Bhutan. You can’t walk amongst penguins, or photograph wild lions, and you can’t play drums amidst desert nomads if you’re not in the Sahara with them. But if you’re not really into all that sort of stuff, then staying in your home country, wherever that is, is a fine choice. But for me, traveling is a way of expanding my life experiences, of getting a fresh perspective on my own country and of making people to people connections across the globe.

I remember lying on the living room floor as a kid, looking at Life and National Geographic magazines, and I can remember wanting to go to the places on those pages, places that were brought to life by the pictures. I don’t remember the specific places, anymore, but the feeling to explore, and experience far away places was strong.

I’m drawn to the scurry of a woman in dark robes through a colorful alley; I’m delighted by the light that spills down the steps that an old man climbs;  I’m fascinated by the colors and patterns of everything from produce to shoes, as well as how things are done in other places. And I’m in amazement at the people – the friendliness, the pride, and dignity of people I meet. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Morocco, or Indianapolis. I just like exploring new and different places, seeing new things, and meeting new people.

So that’s why I travel, and as a tour leader, that’s why I love to bring groups with me to share in the experiences of places I’m drawn to time and again.

Why do you travel??? Share some of your thoughts here – and remembering, traveling close to home is valid, too!

Oh, and P.S.

Regarding my tours for the next few months, there is still space on the Glacier Bay photography tour, co-led with Jed Manwaring, and the Tuscany tour, although that’s just 24 days away – heh, there’s still time to join us!! And I still have room on the Iceland workshop. Iceland is an unusual and stunning landscape of a scale that is guaranteed to blow your mind and your memory cards by the images you’ll capture while there. While the volcano may be winding down, the island is a magical place for landscape no matter what!

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