I haven’t been keeping up on the blog lately. We had a pretty hectic 10 days before I left to come to Baltimore last Friday, and well, some things just had to give! But I’ve missed not posting work here. I hadn’t done much photography either, during that time. But now I’m having a few days to visit my friend, Steve Orr, and Tony Sweet, and play a little. We all went to an old mill to photograph rusty gears and equipment on Sunday, and Monday, today, Steve and I photographed flowers, stained glass, and the Baltimore skyline all in one day!   I’m up for any challenge and we played with HDR, close-up, zooms and nighttime panoramas. We ended the few days with a trip to Longwood Gardens. It was a great time to be off the grid in terms of doing internet and my classes at Betterphoto had finished so I was all set for playing!! I was inspired by each of those guys as we played, and played off each others’ ideas. Here’s a few examples of what we did. I’m off to Morocco in about 4 hours, sitting in JFK airport waiting for the flight. I’ll try to blog from there if we get a good internet connection in our hotels, and I get time!