I just got back on Sunday from the NANPA conference in Sparks, Nevada. When we left it was snowing like crazy there! Too bad we had to get home for other appointments.

As usual, I have a pile of business cards, notes scribbled on pieces of paper, and in my tidy notebook where at least I can keep track of good ideas! Now to just get time to read them all. Some highlights of the conference were the keynote speakers. With a strong theme of conservation photography, we had Phil Borges, Piotr Naskrecki, Staffan Widstrand, and Joel Sartore. Each of them shared their projects and efforts towards conservation with their photography and stories. It was very inspiring to see how each of them had contributed in their own individual way. My favorite was the Wild Wonders of Europe, by Staffan Widstrand, simply because it showcased the wonderful natural beauty and wildlife of Europe that we all tend to forget exists. We often think of Europe as a cultural destination, but his program showed great parks and refuges with wild animals, and plants and astounding scenery that is worth preserving.

Meetings like this are great for inspiring, idea exchanging, and socializing. Hangin’ out, like these two bear cubs, watching and absorbing. After all, pro photographers are often a ‘lone wolf’ when it comes to getting out there and doing their work. So it’s great to re-connect with colleagues once in a while!

My colleague Michael Frye has a great book, Digital Landscape Photography – worth reading. And Stephen Ingram has a wonderful, informative books Cacti, Agaves and Yuccas, that is very useful in identifying all the varieties. I’m sure going to use mine when I head for the deserts.

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