At the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, John Furlong said “Through our example tonight and over the 16 days to come our children will begin to dream and believe in what is possible. Lives of great significance begin with a spark – a nudge – a gesture. Together let us touch as many as we can — while we can.” I thought about that statement, and how it transcends just sports. We never know how our lives will touch others – how our example of living might ignite a spark in others to live differently, perhaps better. It’s part of why I teach. I always hope that my images and ideas will somehow ignite something within the student to help them see more creatively. I love sharing in the process of photography and seeing – as well as helping them get their f-stops and shutter speeds right!

As a photographer, I’m aware that my images can potentially inspire people to preserve wilderness, wildlife, or a culture. It’s one of the reasons I work to get my images out there to be seen. You just never know the impact just one image can have on something, some cause, some person. I love having my photographs used by environmental groups, but since many organizations have small or non-existent budgets for picture use, I’ve chosen to donate pictures to certain wilderness and wildlife organizations now and then over the years. I donated this picture to Nature Conservancy several years ago. They immediately thought it would be useful for a campaign about Legacy Giving – encouraging people to build in long-term donation in their wills. I was pleased to see it used that way. When I made the image, I was struck by the special moment being shared with mother and son, the wonder and curiosity of exploring nature. It remains a favorite image of mine today, because it reminds me of my own family’s adventures into nature that ignited my passion for the outdoors and all things natural.

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Workshop at NANPA in Reno – Saturday Feb 20th, 2PM-5PM. Must be attending the conference.

The Art in Photography – One-day seminar hosted by the Baltimore Camera Club, March 6th, 8 AM – 5 PM.