I attended two very interesting programs today at Fotofusion. The first was a presentation by Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalists, Lucian Perkins, and Renee C. Beyer. Their work had such impact; it was powerful, poignant, heartwrenching and yet their approach was sensitive in how they photographed their stories. It left me thinking deeply about the power a photograph or a series of photographs has to evoke a response – in this case, a response to help, to donate, to make a change to policies, end war, etc.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and at the end of a busy day, I attended a program by Craig Blacklock about using nature photography as a way to help people cope, heal, and find stress relief. His videos and stills moved me to tears as much as the photojournalists’ pictures did, but my tears were ones of joy – and from a deep peace resonating within me as I watch water lapping a sand beach, or saw flower blossoms falling from a Spring tree. His stills were just as moving – no pun intended. He is working on some exciting projects in both video and stills that are designated for the medical, and self-help type markets, and he willingly shared ideas about how he got started and what he’s learned along the way. It was the perfect ending to a very interesting day for me!