So here I was, driving through the Willamette valley in September, on my eventual way home, looking for an apple stand, when I saw this huge dust cloud from a distance. I could see the tractor at one point, and I decided I had to get there somehow to photograph this ag scene, as the cloud of dust was pretty amazing. It took me about 15 minutes to locate a street that would bring me close, but the angle was wrong for getting a profile shot with the dust billowing up behind him. But when he turned around to come back my direction, I realized it was worth waiting until he got very close.

I pulled out my Tamron 150-600mm lens as this was perfect for the job – I wasn’t sure how quickly he’d fill the frame and I needed some zoom range to keep photographing as he got closer and closer. I knelt at the edge of the field, and began to photograph, zooming the lens wider as he got closer. At one point I think he started to slow down as he was likely worried he’d either run over me or suffocate me in his dust! But luckily he kept enough pace to keep the dust cloud up, and I managed the image here at 150mm. Getting that low point of view and filling the frame gives this tractor the feeling of being huge and it really was very large!

It was a great diversion, and I did eventually find my apple stand for buying fresh apples. 🙂

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