I love clouds! And I love Tuscany! Put the two together and you have a magical experience for me. I also love these little trees, the cipressi and umbrella pines, that line this roadway. They’re not really little, but I made them appear to be by including so much sky.

This might be breaking the rules of thirds, but it’s a great example of WHY you want to do that more often than simply sticking by the rule. The clouds were the real story, but the trees and land anchor those billowing clouds and express how wonderful afternoon storms can be in Tuscany in summer.

This post was triggered by seeing a friends Facebook posting that they were headed to Tuscany. Honestly, I could live there, and not just for the food! Ironically I already had this picture prepared, for a future post, and it was perfect timing to be reminded it was waiting to be shared. As I was writing this blog, my screensaver on my second monitor came up with yet another picture of Tuscany in Springtime. YIKES! A third time means I have to go. No problem there. Care to join me in 2018? I’m booked for May and October with other tours in 2017. But I’m putting Tuscany back on the schedule for late Spring 2018.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting, comments are always welcome!