Late fall is a wonderful time to ‘work’ the streams for reflections and patterns. The water level is lower, and the movement is slowed, and you can find section where the rippling can create wonderful patterns. This quiet section of the south fork of the Santiam river in Oregon had some terrific rippled reflections. The trees were lit by filtered sun coming through other trees, which created a dappled light on them, and that was reflected in the shaded surface of the river. Yet the darker tree trunk created no light reflection, which allowed me to see into the water to the bottom of the river. That gave the picture depth. Tiny water striders were moving about on the surface, creating havoc with my reflection, so I tried to time it in between their movements to avoid the water rings they create. The light was changing every few minutes as it passed through the branches and leaves, and it was a great 30 minutes of fun!

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