The terrain in the Dolomites is very interesting when you are above tree line. The meadows are filled with rocky rubble, but because they get enough rain, the grasses and plants grow over those rocks and you get incredible rock gardens of flowers and such in the Spring and Summer. It’s deadly to walk around, at first, you have to stay flexible and loose-kneed to allow for the hidden bumps, but worth it to get to streams like this one to frame up Tre Cime formation in afternoon light. We walked for an hour from our hut to get to this location, and there were many views along this stream that provided foreground interest against those dramatic peaks. Pictures abounded, I could have spent several days in just this area alone!

I used a 16mm focal length and got low and close to the stream to create a stronger perspective. Then, I just had to wait for a cloud to soften the light on the stream, but still have light striking the background rock formations.

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