On a recent road trip, I was searching for signs of Spring just about everywhere! In the month I was on the road, I covered, wildlife refuges, high desert, low desert, and finally the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, searching for photographs. Some destinations worked out really well, others not so much, as Spring was very spotty this year in terms of wildflowers. You’d find some great patches in some areas, nothing exciting in others. While heading up into the foothills, I took a side road I had never been on, and this was one of the images from that detour. I loved how the textures of everything were represented here, and the soft green-yellow of lichen on branches, combined with the rich hues of redbud. Thankfully, the light was with me that day (sort of like the force being with you) and I had many opportunities to work with larger scenes like this under diffused light. Of all the images I made, this is one of my favorites as it represents the emergence of Spring.

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