The Carrizo Plain is a wonderful place, home to pronghorn antelope, birds, reptiles, and in Spring, a great location for large displays of flowers. This year, it was mostly goldfields, with some purple phacelia and a few Fremont Tidytips thrown in, but the wind was ‘howling’ the entire day I was there – steady winds at 20-25mph, gusting to 35-40mph. Nothing to do but enjoy the big scene and photograph it at a distance and fast shutter speed. No close-up images were possible. Heck, you couldn’t have held your diffusion disc in place for anything! But the impression of the joyous display of flowers was still there – the bright sunny yellow of thousands of flowers bobbing in the sun is imprinted in my memory. This multiple exposure is my ‘impression’ of the experience. 8 exposures, hand-held for random positioning.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!