When it comes to outdoor photography, timing is everything. So it was great to finally get it ‘right’ for winter snow in Yosemite! I have attempted winter scenes there for a few years, but either we had no snow when I was around, or when the snows were predicted to be good (rare in these drought years we’ve had) I was in Cuba or somewhere out of town! So this time, I was watching weather forecasts and with the series of storms rolling through the bay area on into the Sierra, I knew I had a good chance to experience the pristine moments of freshly fallen snow. I left the house about 4:30 AM, in pouring rain, and drove up into the park, arriving around 10 AM – it had just begun to snow, and it came down fast and thick. It snowed off and on all afternoon. The main image was made while it was snowing, and I liked the effect as it tells the story. The challenge was to keep the big flakes from becoming white ‘blobs’ in my image. Timing was everything in this case, too.

Below are a few other of my favorites.  Mother Nature spread out the banquet and I was so grateful to be there!






Tharp-Yosemite-5108 Tharp-Yosemite- Tharp-Yosemite-4526 Tharp-Yosemite-4549 Tharp-Yosemite-4520