What makes I stop to photograph something we see? Often, it’s a scene that triggers a response, and emotional reaction. I was driving down this road heading for a small town I had been told was ‘pretty’, and about 60 feet past this tree, I stopped and turned around to check it out. There had been several wild turkeys walking about under it, eating the apples. But of course when I arrived back to the spot, they were scattered into the woods, wary of my intentions. No matter. It was the tree that had really caught my attention.

The apples hung like brilliant red ornaments on the branches, the tiny pale yellowed leaves filling in some of the space between. In the quiet light of the overcast day, the details were defined of each leaf and apple. I was compelled to photograph it. It brought me back to my childhood, and my grandfather’s small in-town farm that had an apple orchard. Had I really noticed the same thing when I walked through that orchard as a small child? I’m not sure, but something in my memory was triggered, and I resonated with this peaceful scene.

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