After I left Yosemite in a winter’s dream, I headed for the central valley refuges where I like to observe and photograph the migrating geese and cranes. It wasn’t the best weather the first afternoon, semi-raining and cloudy, not the light to be photographing birds in flight in when you are pointed upwards towards a bland sky. But the next morning yielded some better light. I was re-familiarizing myself with the layout of the refuge, and locating the birds, and while they were a little distance away at one point, there was a soft rainbow and geese were flying around (see below). I like the mood of this landscape. I then headed to an area where I knew the geese congregated, but by the time I got there, it had really fogged in and you could hear but not see the geese! Nothing to do but wait, and I’m glad I did, as when the fog began to lift a little, there was a view to the wonderful activity in the pond, all in a soft, pastel light. I later captured some mass liftoff pictures but this remains my favorite for the mood it expresses.




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