I stood in the shallow edge of the river, watching as the river breathed. Each surge of water over the submerged rock was different, more or less, as it flowed over the submerged rocks, resulting in varying undulations of the surface ‘waves’. I tried to time it right to capture a moment when the water churned back on itself, and chose a shutter speed that would provide some texture in the movement of the water. I captured many variations of this one composition, only moving on to another scene when I felt I had achieved the look I was after. But you never know for certain until you see it large on the computer screen, and thankfully, I have a few that gave me just what I wanted.

Now, as I post this, I am reliving my experience of watching the river flow, hearing it ‘talking’ as it gurgled, churned, dropped and flowed past me. The sound of the water muffled the sounds of everything around me and during the timeI spent photographing there, it was just me, and the river, and the breeze, and it was great. I had been a bit ‘down’ that afternoon, feeling tired, and not having had much luck with the other images I had tried that morning because of the stiff winds and crowds of people on this holiday weekend. But after this photo session, all of that dropped away and I went to my campsite a very happy camper!