Poppy-scape, Italy

 I love to travel, and I am really looking forward to my tour in Morocco and then on to Spain and Portugal, but I have to be honest: I HATE missing Spring here in northern California. It’s a time when my spirits feel renewed, when my own energy seems to come bursting out of me. The good news is that Spring will be following me – hopefully – as I am going to Morocco a month earlier than usual, and late April/early May is still late Spring in Spain. So I’m looking foward to fields of flowers in both countries and hoping it’s a great year for them there!

For this image, I used Topaz Labs’ Impression plug-in, and their Pointillism preset which I then adjusted to taste, layered over the original and adjusted opacity. It’s hard to see the effect unless quite enlarged in my office, but it adds a touch of painterly effect here in this small version. For a 15% discount, click on the link here and enter the code brendatharp at checkout.

You can learn this technique in several of the workshops that I am teaching this year, including at the Madeline Island School of Photography class October 5-9, 2015.

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