We visited two Himba villages on our Namibia Photo Tour. Villages that are not visited by groups very much. We met the Chief in this village, and then were welcomed in to walk around and observe daily life as lived by the Himba. It’s a really interesting experience. It was a very dusty day, so the light was soft and warm as it fell on the women and children; adding that to their ochre-coated bodies, and combined with the sepia and burnt umber tint to most of their clothing, they were a study in earth tones! I’m still working through my pictures from the visit, but when I came across this one I had to post it. With all those fancy hair extensions on the mother, the poor child doesn’t have much room for its head/face when hung on the back of its mother. When it peered out at me, I had the moment I was looking for.

Visits to these villages are a special experience. The people are wonderful – we can’t speak each others’ language, but they know why we are there through our interpreter. We learn how they live, we photograph them doing their daily routines, and we take gifts of flour, corn, coffee, and other things that they need as a thank you for our visit.

We are in the process of setting up next year’s tour. Stay tuned for more information!


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