I have a huge pile of transparencies (slides) from my film days, that I’ve been trying to digitize and archive on line, because a good image is timeless, regardless of what the medium, and I don’t want to lose them over time to fading, etc. in drawers. After trying a few service bureaus, and not being happy, I decided to try out SilverFast, created by Lasersoft Imaging. In short, I am so pleased with the results! Without even having calibrated my scanner, my prescans using this software are so good, and I can then do additional pre-processing before the final scan. Working in 48 bit mode, I can adjust the output curve to optimize the light/contrast, I can run an auto dust-and-scratch remover, adjust the overall color balance, OR selectively adjust the color balance, as needed, and a host of other adjustments. From basic to advanced, this gives me control over the image before the final scanning occurs. Finally, I can get my favorite prime slides scanned and into the archive at a reasonable cost. This image of the wave in Utah is one of my favorite slides from that journey.




I have a ton of images from Inside Passage, Alaska that I can finally archive! And a slew of other states/countries, too. woo-hoo!














If you are looking for a great scanning software, look no further. In my opinion, Silverfast is the software¬†that offers me the control over my images. Now, if I can just find the time to scan my whole archive…


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