My photo tour in Ireland was scheduled for the early part of June because it’s lush, fresh green, and the rhododendrons are typically in bloom. Much to my surprise, they are considered an invasive nuisance in Ireland! They are invasive, you can see evidence of their spread in various locations, but they are oh-so-beautiful when in bloom. So the Irish stand divided, because many people have them in their yards and gardens, but just as many lament the spread of them into the landscape! The Killarney National Park, back about 15 years ago, was trying to eradicate them in the park boundaries!!

So we were traveling into the Black Valley one day, and when we rounded a bend,  the scene took our breath away – pink blooming rhododendrons dotted the rocky landscape, up the slopes and down to the lake edge.  The entire group was so excited, except for one: our trusty photo guide, landscape photographer Peter Cox. He didn’t get all excited, because in his mind, they are non-native and a ‘weed’. But we all countered that those weeds just might sell a few more prints in his gallery of stunning landscape photographs, as many travelers are excited about the beautiful color in the spring landscape. It’s funny: What he considered ‘just a weed’, we nurture to get them to grow and bloom profusely in our gardens here in the states! To each his own, and we may not see images of them in his gallery any time soon, but we were all happy to spend some time photographing them amidst the rocks.




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