Dawn, Big Lagoon Town Park, Madeline Island, Wisconsin

Did you ever think about how special dawn is? I mean, not just the photographic opportunity, but the significance of dawn. First, if you are seeing it, it means you are still ALIVE and that is worth something right there! No kidding. Just knowing that you awakened to a new day is something marvelous in itself.

Secondly, watching the earth receive dawn light, I’m reminded of the hope that comes with every new day – the promise that it can be a great day if you choose to make it so. It’s a chance to start fresh. That glow of dawn, phasing into sunrise, and warming up my body along with my soul as it lights up my world is just, well, amazing.

If you are not a morning person, you’re missing something really special! Well, in my opinion, anyway. It’s all in how you ‘frame’ it, I guess – pun intended!

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