In my edit tonight, I came across this image and fondly remembered this lunch break with our group in the Atlas Mountains. We had just been directed out on to the veranda to our tables, and as I walked out the door, I spotted the wonderful shapes and angles and colors of this sidewalk and dropped to my knees. I am a sucker for graphics and this to me suggested the colors and designs that are part of what makes Morocco so interesting. It reminds me of the southwest with the teal accents on the adobe-colored mud/brick walls. After lunch, we headed out to the bus, and were met by another schedule stopping situation. The sun shining through the lattice overhead created an amazing pattern on the walls. Over half of us went crazy framing up many different compositions from various angles.  That photo opportunity way-laid us another 30 minutes, but then that’s what the photo tour is all about – serendipitous moments like this!

We’re looking forward to leading another Morocco tour next May.




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Both images were made with the Canon EOS 24-105mm f/4 L lens. It’s my favorite walk-about lens for travel photography, offering the flexibility to capture moments and details without changing lenses all the time.