This about sums up what a great time we all had on our 2013 Tuscany Photo Tour! From the get-go, the group bonded well and we had laughs and jokes a-flyin’. But we also had our serious moments, too, learning to make better photographs, waiting for the right moments, watching, observing, and oh yes, eating gelato.

Photo tours, for me, are a way to combine the joy of travel with the joy of photography and well, the joy of life in general. Meeting new people, making new friends, and coming home with meaningful images is what it’s all about. This picture of my friend Megan was just how we all felt about being in Italy – celebrating the light, the food, the people.

The image below was one of our first photo sessions, at dusk, from Piazzale  Michelangelo, which overlooks the city and the Arno river and is a place filled with people – locals and visitors alike – who come here to celebrate the end of a great day in Florence. It’s a festival-like atmosphere, and a great way to feel the ambience of Florence.

Cityscape at Twilight, Florence, Italy.

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