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On my photo tour to photograph bears, one foggy morning we drove out to the mouth of the river to see if any bears were fishing. We found this one, but it was tired and lay down on the sand in front of us to rest. Amazing that they are so habituated to people that they will do this just 60 feet away! While we were photographing it would periodically pick up its head and look around, and we made some nice pictures of that, but twice, she stretched, and I loved the gesture! It was ust like we stretch, you could feel how good she felt and the look of contentment on her face was definitely there.


I’ll have more pictures from this great trip soon, arrived home on Friday to a HUGE pile of apples that need processing off our apple tree along with a bzillion emails since I didn’t have reliable cell or internet service while at the lodge. Always good to be home, but what a wonderful trip we all had with bear cubs playing, nursing, etc!