It’s been over two months(!) since I posted a blog. I’m fine, but it was the workload that took its toll on my available spare time, and the work took precedence over blogging and social networking as much. I had computer issues, was out of the country for 31 days, had a garden take over the entire back yard with weeds – almost – while gone, and well, other business that just piled up and up and up…yikes. But I’m through it all, and I feel great, and I’m back!

I’ve just begun my workshop with the Madeline Island School of Photography, with a full group of 15 people eager to get out and express themselves creatively. Looking forward to helping them do just that.

While wandering the roadways of the island today, I passed by several stands of large lupine – the kind that escaped from cottage gardens a long time ago and now grow wild along the roads of this area. They were just passing their prime bloom, mostly, but I knew that in an abstract you can’t tell that. And how I saw the fields was as a blur of soft blues and purples again the greens of grasses and grays of trees, when passing by in the car. So when I stopped the car, that’s how I photographed it – just as I had seen it while moving.

We begin our class in earnest Monday morning and the weather looks a bit tricky this week. As always with nature photography you can’t predict what things will be, but we’ll make the best of it!

See you ’round on the blog again soon. Thanks for reading/visiting!