I’ll bet you were expecting one of those infamous rocks that moves across the playa. Well, we found those, too, although it’s increasingly difficult to pick out the real ones versus the ones people have pushed around. And so many have been taken, it’s pretty sad, really.


It’s still an incredibly surreal place to visit, and we found a few dead bushes and branches that had blown onto the playa here and there, and used those to make our landscapes of this strange place, as much as we photographed the rocks and their tracks. We got lucky – all afternoon it looked like the sun was going into thick clouds, and yet by the time we arrived, those had melted and we had sun – mixed with clouds, but enough moments of sunlight to capture the texture of the playa, and bring out the pattern of the geometric shapes. The low angle of the sun brought out the long fun shadow of the bush. And the clouds in the background stuck around long enough to add so much to the picture! We got lucky, that’s for sure, but we endured the bumpy ride out so it was fitting to have good light as our reward for getting there!

I lowered my tripod and angled my camera dow to bring out the foreground. I used my new Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II lens. I’m loving having a bright wide-angle zoom again.

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