It’s been a wild, windy, stormy, windy, cold,  —- did I say windy? — four days here in the UP. I am here with Craig Blacklock and Jon Smithers, photographing fall color and it’s been amazing wild weather! Snow showers, rain, high winds, very cold temps, and in spite of it all we made some very cool pictures. This image is from the top of Brockway summit, in the Keewenaw peninsula. It was beautiful up there with the wide open vistas…


My journey was made more challenging because my 17-40mm seemed soft and my 24-105mm stopped communicating with my cameras! I was a moving target when this happened, so it was not going to work to get a lens sent out to me. So I decided to work with what I had – and then borrowed a lens or two from Craig or Jon when I really had to have it. It’s a good challenge to make what you have work – and in the end it was fine, although I really really did miss my wide angle that has to be checked out when I get home.


Forecast is looking great for tomorrow morning – our last morning here! We plan to work hard to get some final images before we have to head home in our own separate directions. For me, it’s back to California and the office/home after one great month of variety on the road. From Whidbey Island to Vancouver and British Columbia, to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, it’s been a great time with great photo opps along the way!

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