I find it truly amazing how things in this world can often look like something else than what they really are. Take this photo for example, it looks for the world like crunchy snow to me, but it is clouds, -lots of them, seen from my plane window the other day. Clouds so thick I’d swear you could walk across them just like it was snow. Amazing.

I am on my way to British Columbia for my Orcas and More photo tour. Not much time to blog the past few days, but I had to share this thought! I am hoping we’ll have some internet connection to post along the way but often, the wilderness just doesn’t have a connection. A few villages along the way though…

P.S. the newest book is out in publishing houses now. Hooray! We shipped the advance purchased copies a few days ago. If you haven’t seen it please check out the book on this link:



Have a great week and keep sharing your vision,