While teaching last week in Maine, we went to the Olson House, the home made famous by Andrew Wyeth. It stands empty now, with just a few pieces of furniture, tattered wallpaper, old stove and such. But it’s in that emptiness that you often can find and photograph the spirit of place. I was teaching so I didn’t get to concentrate on my own images, but I did make this picture while leaning up against a doorjamb for support. Wanting a feeling of ‘old’ and ‘country’ and to try and capture the ambience, I processed the image first in Lightroom and then added a Flypaper Texture file from their new August Painterly collection just released two days ago. I also created a background layer of the image and upscaled it slightly and added a gaussian blur to create the dreamy effect, a process I like to use a lot.   I’m still in Maine, but leaving today, after a week of visiting my sister’s bison farm in western Maine. We were so busy putting up beans, making sauces, feeding chickens, etc., that I haven’t been out to photograph around the area much. But after a week of teaching it’s nice to come to the ‘old homestead’ and relax by doing things that are not photography, actually. It’s so peaceful here.