It was an amazing day, starting with a dramatic sunrise from the end of the lookout trail in Zion; followed by a quick bowl of cereal at the car, and a drive to Checkerboard Mesa area. Parked the car and did something I hadn’t done before – climbed up the edge of the wash and went ‘cross-country’ to find some new viewpoints. I had a great morning making different images – but mostly had a great morning taking in all the grandeur that Zion is even without a camera to my eye. But when I turned to see these amazing clouds over one sandstone formation, I had to capture that. I loved the ‘s’ curves in the clouds. October/November can bring incredible skies to Zion – and I’m not just sayin’ that. It’s the time of year when you can get a dramatic sunrise/sunset, or a snowstorm – either way, it’s beautiful. The B&W below was from the same morning. I processed the color image using Lightroom and Viveza, and the Black and White using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro. Remember you can get a 15% discount on these products by visiting my discounts page

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