Adobe Wall, Window and Shadows, Santa Fe, NM



We were on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. I had given an assignment to the group to capture the ‘essence’ of Canyon Road, but also the stipulation that you couldn’t just photograph the outdoor artwork, as that was someone else’s ‘art. You had to incorporate it into your own picture, if you photographed it at all.

So when I discovered this along with a few other students, it fit the ‘bill’. We worked it different angles, and with different framing. This is the one I liked of mine the best with the window on the right. The vigas (wooden poles coming out of the wall) shadows were angled in the downward right direction so it felt balanced to place the window on the right.

This is a case where dappled light can work – rare, but on this adobe wall, the pattern from the dappled light was soft enough as it came through the trees that I liked the overall effect. The sculpture in the window made the picture sort of eerie but it was a great focal point!