My friends over at Think Tank Photo have a short new program designed to help you while helping them figure out client needs/wants.

This is a great opportunity to try out something you’ve been considering without the total commitment of buying it first.

Until March 31st, you can order and try out products free of charge. You’ll need to evaluate the product for them, as that is how they will get ideas for changes, etc.

Details of the test-drive program:

I use the modular belt-pack system and love it. I have traditional pouches and the lighter weight ‘skin’ pouches, too. They both work on the belt-pack and on the pro speed belt that I have. It’s been a great system for accessibility when I’m walking around on the streets of anywhere. To get my stuff over ‘there’ I use the Airport Acceleration and Takeoff backpacks, designed for airline travel without a lot of attach straps and things flapping around to get caught on stuff.