Monk at Dochu La, Bhutan

It’s amazing how time can get away from you when your working in this business. I made over 8000 pictures in Bangkok and Bhutan this past Fall, but I came home to a hectic schedule of book edit, teaching and a move,  and I had only time for a quick view/select of some remembered favorites. I am finally sitting down and looking at the whole ‘take’ from that trip, and it’s been great fun to revisit the trip that had so many highlights!

This one jumped out tonight.  The morning was the most stunning of the three trips I’ve made there, and the light created such a wonderful pattern on the pavement from the ornate railing. I saw this monk walking along on his way into the temple, but I wasn’t fast enough to get there to make the picture. So I waited for a little while, and then I politely entered the temple and asked if he would be willing to come back out – stealing him away from my clients, unknowingly! He never said anything so how was I to know? Anyway, some of the group was outside and they had an opportunity to create a version of this picture, too. The image was fine without the monk, but you have to admit that his colors draw you to the background along the curved railing. Sometimes, setting up an image is a ‘better’ answer. And sometimes, both work, and are just different answers.


I’m looking at going back to Bhutan in 2013, so stay tuned to my workshops and tours on my schedule page of the website.