Sorry, some images were lost in transitioning to a new server/host in early 2015.

It was almost 70 in my home town, and it felt good to be outside. OK, some might call me a ‘wuss’, because northern California typically doesn’t get that cold, certainly not like other areas of the country! But it’s still winter with bare trees, vines, and chilling, damp nights. So when Spring begins to show it’s signs of coming, it’s thrilling! Something about the re-emergence of life, – the tiny shoots that I spotted on my roses today, the catkins dangling from trees next door, the mustard popping up in between vineyard rows – quickens my pulse.

I didn’t make these pictures today. The top one is in Sonoma County, CA, the bottom one from the Palouse area of WA in spring. It’s interesting how similar the views can be with barns,  and rolling hills, etc. We’ll be leading our tour in early June in the Palouse (see schedule page). Join us for a great time there! But first, we’ll get to celebrate Spring in the wine country here in northern California. There’s a ton of natural areas to explore and we’re looking forward to that.