Sorry I haven’t been ‘around’ the past month. Buried in boxes, something had to give…It got to the point when there was just too much going on, too many things I was trying to manage, and something had to give. I had a book manuscript edit, final field workshops, a big move of the business and house all happening in November-December and I needed a break. The summer, heck, the entire year had been wonderfully busy with workshops and tours and more, but I always look forward to my late Fall break – and that didn’t happen this time.

We are generally settled in our new place in Santa Rosa, CA, and honestly enjoying ‘decorating’ and sorting out the accumulations of 14 years in one place. It’s cleansing to organize and sort and eliminate clutter – just so you can make room for more ‘stuff’!

Didn’t really use the big camera much the past month – used the phone a few times, but mostly it was all about the move. But now, it’s back to real business – keeping ideas flowing here and sharing pictures again and getting going on our workshop/tour program for 2012.

With that in mind, this image is one I made on my phone just the other day while setting up the outside plants in the yard. We collect a lot of natural things and this skull traveled with us to the new place. Ironically we have a stucco wall so it was a perfect fit! But it’s a white wall, so I ran it through some apps to give the wall a warmer hue and layered a texture on the file and a rough border. Used Snapseed for basic adjustments and cropping, and Blender to combine the layers.