Woman in Wheat Field

Celebrating the Day!


This image sums up the wonder-filled and wonder-ful year I’ve had. Good light, weather, wonderful scenes, cultural experiences, and I’ve met so many wonderful new photographers. It was terrific! So today’s picture is a celebration of all of that. We were in a field in the Palouse, and one of the participants walked into the field. The scale of her against the field and the great sky above was exciting enough. We photographed her looking around with camera, and then we asked her to reach her hands up towards the sky. It was, after all, a moment of celebration that we had this incredible sky above us while photographing!


On other news, I received notice of Think Tank’s new products yesterday:

Think Tank Photo Releases Completely Redesigned Modular Rotation System 

“Santa Rosa, Calif. — In response to customer feedback, Think Tank Photo’s has completely redesigned its Modular Rotation System to provide additional features and benefits, including easier photography gear retrieval, better equipment fit, and an updated/inclusive style.  The Modular Rotation System consists of three product groupings:  Lens Cases, Gear Pouches, and the Modular Component Set V2.0… ”

I’ve been using the Think Tank Modular System for over 2 years, both the Skin set and the Modular, more padded set. Each of them have performed superbly, and while I lean towards the Skin set as it’s less padding which means easier packing, etc., they are both excellent.

The new items are available at their website. This is an affiliate link, and your support is appreciate by both me and Think Tank, should you decide to purchase something. Spend over $49.50 and get a small free gift from them. No matter how you buy it, it’s worth having if you use a modular system. I used the Skin set in Guatemala, Morocco, and Bhutan this year and loved them.  I still prefer a belt or backpack for most my nature photography, but for travel, editorial and photojournalism/event photography this system rocks!!