Holiday Card


It’s that time of year, when I finally get to slow down a bit and have some fun – with holiday cards, and some holiday ‘cheer’ – no not that¬†kind of cheer, well, maybe a little nip here or there…

This image was made, believe it or not, with an iphone App called Trigonscope. It creates kaleidoscopic patterns as you point the lens at whatever interests you, and it’s ‘trippy’ and fun! I’ve made several that look like they should be wrapping paper – and may become just that – ha ha. Not high res, sadly, but still fun to play with.

It’s been a wonderful year full of good times, surprises, changes, and new projects. We’ve met and made many new friends, wonderful photographers on our tours and workshops, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring you all together in places that we love to share our ideas and passion for photography and creative expression.

Jed and I hope that your year was wonder-filled, and that the coming season and year ahead will be prosperous, joyful, and yes, challenging – in a good way! Keep finding and sharing the beauty of this world through your lens as only you can see and express it!

(This sounds like a final note for the month but it’s not – we are in the process of moving and so it’s a very busy time right in the midst of holiday stuff. You’ll hear from me again soon!)