In late September, I was in Bangkok, about to head to Cambodia with friends, but weather was closing us out of Cambodia with severe flooding there. So we decided to stick around Bangkok instead, and while traveling on a ferry boat across the Chao Praya river from Wat Arun, this incredible storm cloud moved in over us. We though it was the ‘end’! It was really amazing to see. But we were also wondering how the heck we were going to get from A to B on boats in a storm like that. Just getting from one dock to the other one could drown in a downpour from a cloud this threatening!

Alas, it never hit – we experienced this amazing cloud but no deluge and we got down to our destination for dinner without major incident!


Bangkok continues to deal with the aftermath of the terrible rains that hit the hill country, as well as other countries there. Life on the canals and in the low areas of any canal-based city is risky – but this year it’s been incredibly awful over there. I feel for all those that lost their livelihood and their homes.