No moss growing under me, that’ for sure! lol. The last few days in Bhutan were just as wonderful as the first part, but I ran out of time to do much editing/posting. Then we hit home and had to edit the edited manuscript of the book. That kept me busy through Sunday when we left to come to Yosemite. Still working on the book edit, here, ironically, but the view out the ‘office’ window is of high cliffs, blue sky, clouds, and well it’s not bad!!


This image is Paro with it’s fortress, or dzong, below the prayer flags from an overlook. I can’t wait to delve into the 5000 pics I took while there. Lots of winter work to do now.

Yosemite is our last workshop/tour for the year and I’m actually looking foward to getting other things caught up in Nov-January before we begin again with Death Valley first on the list for 2012. Schedule of other events still being finalized but you can see more info at the Workshops and Tours link on this site.