Sea Star, OregonDancing Sea Star, Oregon.


Nancy Rotenberg,  a friend, a compassionate teacher and lover of Life itself, passed away in the wee hours of the morning today after a struggle with cancer. It’s devastating to learn of a loss like this – she touched the lives and hearts of so many people, both through her love and compassion,  and through her photography. She was spirited, fun, creative, expressive, and talked about the “Dance of Life”. She relished Life, in all its form, and she “danced”, right up until she couldn’t anymore. There are no words that can express how one really feels during times like this. Many many others knew her better than I, yet I still knew her through NANPA and through circles of friends and through the spirit of the people that would attend her workshops and then mine – they effused about her wonderful caring spirit, their experience with her life-changing for many. So it’s with great sadness to learn that she will no longer be doing ‘the dance’  on earth – but we can be assured that she is still dancing somewhere on the other side! For those of you that knew her, honor her by keeping true to the things that she taught us – about life, love and creativity.