Summer Chair on Porch

Summer Porch

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After months of frustrating effort to get my blog posting properly again via Networked Blogs, I am switching over to RSS Graffiti.  For months now, my blog posting on Facebook shows an old thumbnail of a past blog, I have to keep refreshing that if I want it to appear somewhat current, but it will NOT show the pictures. My feed url has been correct for the past and remained unchanged, so no idea why this happened but it occurred after the update Network Blog did. The old “it’s on your side or Facebook’s side” response from them just isn’t cutting it – for over 30 of us that have logged in complaints of the same or very similar issues with no real answers to help us since March! So onward, trying something different.

Those of you that have followed me through Networked Blogs will be ‘lost’ in the switch – but if you’ve LIKED me on my Facebook Page, then you’ll still be seeing the blog posting there. It’s possible that Graffiti has a FOLLOW button, too.


Either way, thank you for your interest and I hope you continue to follow my musings and news!