Yowsa! We left at 4:30 AM to go  up Steptoe Butte on Wednesday morning and were greeted with wonderful clouds for morning sunrise. Times like this can go either way – and we ‘worried’ that the sun would rise into a layer of clouds or haze as it approached the moment of sunrise, but the it went in our favor this morning! I used a graduated ND filter to balance the light, to bring up the hills below as they were reflecting the color of the clouds beautifully. I like how the green fields below sort of mimicked the clouds above.

It was very windy that morning and we had to keep our tripods low for stability or hang on to things a bit, but it was all worth the cold temperatures and wind to have this show happen before us!

Tired but happy, along with our group!

This was straight out of the camera with simply black and white point adjustments and clarity, very little vibrance and no saturation. Didn’t need it!


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