Running horses in a field, Palouse Country, Washington

I’ll be posting just a few more from our Palouse Photo Tour that just ended, as I’m finally getting time to review what I created and do some post-processing. This morning we set out to photograph a red barn, with windmill and white fence in morning light. It was the first morning of the trip and one where everyone needed to ‘warm up’ their eyes and get their gear sorted out…to be ready to roll throughout the week. We were photographing the barn scenic and these wonderful mares and foals were excited about us being there, curious, mostly – but also wary with the young ones. At one point, a few of them decided to run in the field and I managed to get just one picture by panning on them. But one is all you need if it works, right?! I love the energy in this image and the mother/child relationship, too.