Sunstar holding on to a rock, Alaska


I love a good headline – and this one came to mind when I saw this large sunstar (sea star) wrapped around a piece of granite on George Island in Alaska. Others in the group had tried to pick up the star for a closer look, but it wouldn’t let go of the rock. It reminded me of how we hold on to things for stability and security from the time we are children, with our ‘binky’ or ‘blankie’, and how we search for a ‘rock’ as we move through our lives. Even if we think we can trust the process, it’s often our nature to hold on to something secure.


We had a great photo tour on the boat in Glacier Bay, Alaska. We returned home with only enough time to do laundry and pack up the card to hit the road. We are just beginning our Oregon Coast workshop this evening with a full group of enthusiastic photographers. It will be a great week!