Pink wall and ivy in window, Italy

Was revisiting my images from our 2010 Italy Photo Tour and found this one. It’s not that I missed it before, I’ve just not had enough time to sort through all the pictures I’m creating. But this one had been starred to get back to, for good reason. I love graphics and the shapes within shapes of this grilled window opening, and the geometry of the back wall, with all the colors, just screamed at me to be photographed. It told me that the person/people living there had an eye for design, too. I framed it somewhat formally because of the formal balance created by the two orange flowered pots on either side of the ivy. It just worked best that way.

We’ll be heading to Umbria, Italy next year in May for something new to offer as we’ve been to Tuscany and Venice several times now. But we’ll miss the colors of Burano, and plan to be back in that area in 2013.