Girl behind lace curtain, Guatemala


We were visiting a weaving/wool dying ‘factory’ which turned out to be a very small family operation, and while the demonstration was being set up, this young girl appeared in the curtained doorway. I saw her framed by the design for a split second before she walked through, pushing the curtain aside, but in that instant I knew I had to have a picture of what I had seen. I asked her if she would go behind the curtain again and look at me through it. She seemed to know what to do and didn’t offer up a huge smile – it was a mysterious moment and she understood how it would look.


Dream Team Instruction Tour with Brenda Tharp, Nevada Wier and Holly Wilmeth: Photograph Indigenous Culture in San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapas, Mexico – January 14-21. Stay tuned for Guatemala Highlands during Day of Dead -Oct/Nov 2012…