Jonquil blossoms, Ohio


I just finished up teaching for the Cuyahoga Valley Photo Society, in Ohio,  and it was terrific! A great enthusiastic group of photographers in attendance and they were really good! Spring is coming late to the valley but it has arrived, in spite of rains and more in the forecast. We had temps from 37 to mid-60’s over the course of 4 days. Jonquils, Trout Lilies, Rue Anemones, Trillium, and Virginia Bluebells were out, even though all the flowering fruit trees and redbud were just beginning. They should have a great two weeks ahead as it burst forth in all it’s glory. Too bad I’ll miss it! Oh well. When I teach a full-blown workshop,  I don’t photograph for myself, so I just get a photo in now and then, and this was one of those moments, when I saw the soft sunlight striking the blossoms, giving form to the flowers but keeping contrast low. Couldn’t walk past that! I think what helps me see things like this is the way I feel about flowers. When we arrived, I recall thinking how ‘happy’ these flowers looked – cheerfully blooming. This trio was like a group of good friends, all tucked together.



We’re setting up the 2012 schedule for workshops and photo tours so please check out our schedule from time to time over the next few months to see what we have offered. Highlights include San Cristóbal, Mexico; Death Valley NP; Yosemite NP; Umbria, Italy; Bears of Lake Clark NP; Orcas and Native Culture, British Columbia, and more to come!